Comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Going through this post is a necessity for every single gamer or gaming enthusiast since this write-up is going to compare the two most prevalent gaming consoles and would get them to battle on a whole lot of factors. We should not contemplate that some console is simply superior for all the gaming lovers; it is going to rely on the sole thing, which is what gaming fan requires from his or her gaming console.

Go through this amazing post and critically inspect the parts for which you are the most concerned, prior to moving all the way to the result. The comparison provided here will certainly help you make the right choice!


The Xbox franchise has seen good elite content, making several powerful additions to its list. The Forza Horizon 2 is a technically an exceptional label that really dazzles the Xbox One, its controller, and the Xbox Live. There exists Anarchic shooter-plus-free runner Sunset Overdrive, and the revived variants of the Halo series that have been featured in the Halo: Master Chief Collection and a redesigned Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. We know that it is not a vast list of exclusives, but it is indeed notably stronger than Sony’s attempts in the past.


Predictably, both the gaming consoles have dropped in price from the time of their respective launches back in the last quarter of 2013, and both have undergone redesigns, which permits for a much lower selling price too. The PS4 and Xbox One are now obtainable with larger 1TB storage, even though the prices for those consoles are significantly elevated than the normal 500GB variants. The additional space provided is great for all those who love to own lots of games. All the deals change every now and then, but it can be seen that the Xbox One is a bit economical, but there exists no big disparity considering the bundles currently, thus I would recommend that you must not take your decision thinking only about the price.

The huge PS4 exclusive named Uncharted 4 is available for us. The final game of this PS4 exclusive is simply outstanding all throughout. Still, if you are not one of the long-term fans of this series, you will truly like to play the previous releases in their redesigned form. The conclusion is that the finest third-party games appear better on the PS4 and with the much awaited Uncharted 4’s arrival, the PS 4, at last, has its initial smash hit.

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